Divine Truth Van is an experimental blog born from a desire to share personal experiences about learning and discovering about Love and Truth from God’s perspective.

In other words, I will share personal discoveries of God’s Truth of the Universe about love in attempting to practice the Divine Truth principles I am learning from Jesus and Mary in my life. Their personal website is : Divine Truth

“The Way” or “Divine Love Path” to God, is our soul’s journey of growing a desire for a personal relationship with God, to eventually receive God’s Love and Truth 24/7 as we experiments with the discovery of our soul’s passions and desires.

Walking the Way is all about engaging our soul sincere aspirations, passions and desires with an intention to love whatever our fears to do so might be, and feel all along, with the support of God, any emotion that may arise as a result of it in order to bring us more into harmony with God’s Love and Truth. It is about developping a desire to love and know God, ourselves and our soulmate, others and the environment.

Through all my experiments, I really desire to get to know God, our true parent, better, and start engaging a personal relationship with Her and hopefully inspire my brothers and sisters to do so as well.

My gratitude goes to Jesus and Mary who have gifted the world so many hours of teachings about Divine Truth and lot’s of personal feedback to me and many other people. Without them, their love, courage and commitment, Divine Truth would still be now pretty inaccessible and unknown to the world. Their teachings are all free on YouTube Divine Truth Channel

I really hope that by my future sharing here information and a touch of my personal flavor and experiences and discoveries (haha…moments) about Divine Truth, more people will be attracted to explore Jesus and Mary life changing teachings – when I say life changing, I mean for the rest of your eternal existence – and be moved to explore, practice and develop the two most important things in the universe :

the faith in God’s goodness


the prayer for God’s Love to enter our soul.

Love to my earthly and spirit brothers and sisters,