The Greatest Experiment

A few weeks ago I received an invitation from Laura Berry, a Facebook friend, to write a poem about humility and the way to God. Here is what she wrote:

A Journey To Humility

Hi all, I have been wanting to do this for about 6 months, and It feels like a stronger desire now, I would like to put together an anthology of poems that are about yours/our journeys to humility and in relation to God, I want this anthology to be a safe place people can talk about God and express their feelings and what they have learned (hopefully the uplifting aspects). This can include any experience, revelations, moments on your journeys where you have felt humbled or surrendered to your emotions and the benefits and beauty of that. God is allowed to be included

I would like to collect as many as possible in the next coming year, and will then collaborate them all into a pdf, book, for free distribution. Anyone can share it or put it on their blogs etc. All I ask is for honesty and love to go into your work. Poems or prose, and to keep it in theme and on the topic of humility. length doesn’t matter, 4 lines, or two pages. Rhyming or non rhyming. Experience doesn’t matter. Nor how many you wish to submit, the more the merrier. But I would like those contributing to be open to God and the teaching of the divine love and who see it as a positive and beautiful thing.

The intention is to create a free book that uplifts people into the beauty of humility and helps open souls to this quality and helps people see the positive value of humility in all our lives.

It is an experiment, labour of love and a service.

But hopefully a beautiful book will be created at the end of it and as I have found writing poems, helps me grow my soul in the area it is about too, so there may be personal benefits in writing the poems or prose.

If any one is interested, If they could IM me on fb, or email me at with the poem or prose, email titled Humility Poem, email address and your name, also any blog or website I can credit the authors with, listed at the end of the book.

When the book is ready for distribution, I will email you and send you all the pdf, which you can add to blogs, pass to people interested as you wish.

At the moment it will be unillustrated, unless an illustrator comes forth.

If there aren’t many poems will still produce a mini one. The book will be called ´A Journey To Humility´ to help keep people in theme, and it conveys the intention of the book.

Hopefully a positive book about the topic of humility and God will be the end result.

(Also if you have any suggestions let me know, this is a project and I want it to be loving.)

Here is what I finally wrote and sent back to Laura, it is about the Greatest Experiment, and how I discovered God through sincere prayer.

“The Greatest Experiment

God was not real for me before then.

It was just a human invention.

This was what my parents told me.

I said no words.

But inside, I was questioning it.

How do they know?

I started a quest for healing and truth when I turned 40.

Not focused on God.

I just wanted to know the truth about me,

And everything.

Life did not make any sense to me,

Living eighty years, and then dying in pain and suffering.

How can that be just the end of the story?

I wanted to know who I am and why am I here,

And what happens after I die,

And the truth about all the questions,

That never got answered when I was a child.

After about 4 years of this quest,

And many discoveries,

That never fully satisfied my curiosity,

I got given the prayer for Divine Love,

That Jesus wrote in the first century,

I learned and recited by heart the prayer,

I prayed many times a day,

Every day for 40 days.

I was sitting there, waiting.

In vain.

There was no answer.

Then, thanks to my teacher from then,

I found a link to the Divine Truth YouTube channel.

I started watching the Secrets of the universe video,

And many other teachings about God, and the human soul too.

I felt very emotional and moved.

I cried a lot.

I did not understand what was happening to me.

I was mesmerized.

I could not help but keep watching more and more videos,

Days and nights.

As I kept experiencing about praying,

One day,

All of a sudden,

There was a moment where everything changed in my life.

That moment, I wanted to know so strongly.

That moment, my heart was open to feel the truth.

That moment, I was humble to feel my emotions.

That moment, I was open to feel loved.

That moment, my prayer was personal and emotional and felt like this,

God, I don’t believe You are real, but,

If You really exist and have Love for me,

Please let me feel it now.

An intense and powerful flow of energy entered my heart.

I started crying loud like a baby.

I fell in tears onto my knees and asked,

Why have You ignored me all these years?

Why have you never been present when I needed you?

I felt immediately another flow of energy entering me as an answer,

I have always been there with you,

It is You that have closed your heart to Me.

God got me by surprise.

I lost any notion of time and space.

I felt extremely safe for the first time in my life,

Although soft and vulnerable like a baby.

A feeling of fearlessness,

That nothing bad can happen.

After a while,

I became afraid to be so emotional,

Out of control,

I closed my heart and feelings again.

God was gone.

I fell profoundly asleep.

Since that day, I knew for sure,

I have a Father that loves me.

God is always there for me.

It is up to me to get into a condition of sincerity and openness,

To truly desire, feel and hear God.

The following days and weeks I kept praying.

But God did not answer me.

I tried harder and harder.

It was like he deserted me again.

My prayer was not sincere.

Spirits came and connected to me.

I had thoughts and felt emotions,

That I believed to be God’s and mine.

But there was not the same soft and gentle presence.

Not an overwhelming quality of Love entering me.

Over time, I learned to discern between God and spirits.

They are just human that once lived on earth and have passed.

Then, one day, I connected to God again.

My prayer was sincere.

And I felt loved again.

How foolish am I to stay closed to such a beautiful and generous being?

I realized how I missed God and desired Him in my life.

God is the best Parent and Friend,

The best Teacher of Love.

God is waiting for you to open your heart.

You do not need a book to know, Only to personally engage the Greatest Experiment.”

Then, I shared a second part I called “God is the solution”, about how important and challenging it is to develop a true relationship with God, and how much sincerity and humility you need therefore, and what I learned about this experiment over 7 years :

God is the solution

Over the years, I started having a bit more experience with prayer.

I learned to know what a sincere prayer entails.

God always answers instantaneously a sincere prayer.

When I do not feel God’s answer,

I know it is not God’s desire to let me down.

It is always my lack of sincere desire that blocks the communication.

Now, I know God is my Mother too.

It is even harder for me to connect to Her.

Because of my unhealed relationship with my earthly mother.

My desire for Her is insincere.

God is helping me to heal my relationship with the opposite gender and my partner.

God is helping me to open my heart.

God is helping me to become softer and emotionally humble like a child.

God is helping me to become more sensitive to my pain when I break God’s laws of love.

God is helping me to feel more love for others, nature and all creatures.

God is helping me to discover all my unhealed emotions,

Rage and anger, fear and sadness, guilt and shame,

So, I can feel and release them,

And get free of pain and suffering.

God is helping me to feel how I lack love for self

God is helping me to feel how I am addicted to others liking me.

God has helped me to meet Alan John Miller,

Who claims to be Jesus of the Bible.

Jesus says he reincarnated on Earth

With 13 other people from the highest heavens.

Jesus lives in Australia, and teach about having a personal relationship with God.  

It is thanks to Jesus that I got to discover God.

Jesus says God’s Love transforms the soul into a Divine angel.

Jesus teaches he was the first Divine angel in the first Century,

And that we can all become a Divine angel.

You, me, everybody.

You just need to desire it.

A Divine angel has no fear.

Only love and joy.

A Divine angle is immortal,

And may grow his soul and receive new abilities,


This is because of God’s Love.

Without God’s Love,

Even a human soul perfected in natural love is mortal,

And limited in growth and abilities,


One must first forgive all the people who harmed them in their life,

And repent for all the people and things they harmed in their life,

Including how they treated God,

Before they ever can become a Divine angel.

This must be done according to God’s definition of love and harm,

Not men’s definition of love that is incorrect.

Now, I know God is real and loving.

God is not the rageful God of the Bible that men created.

God is a God of Love, Truth, Tenderness, Power, Abundance and Creativity.

God taught me many things.

God made me feel all people are really my brothers and sisters.

God made me feel my earthly parents were just care takers,

God is my true parents who created my soul.

God made me feel I have a soulmate who is the other halve of my soul.

God made me feel everybody can become a Divine angel like Jesus teaches, even myself.

God’s Love is amazing.

It gives faith that everything is well,

Even through the dark night of healing the soul.

Discovering and loving God is a great idea.

This is the best way to go.

It does not matter what others might believe.

If they do not know or believe in God,

It is just because they have not engaged the Greatest Experiment yet.

Everybody must know that God’s Love is waiting for them.

God wants to have a relationship with each and every one of Her children.

God’s Love is the solution for changing the world,

Into a loving place of one single family,

Caring for self, others and the environment. “

Feel free to write your own humility poem and email it back to Laura at


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