An Awakening

I have just succeeded now to log in this blog I started in November 2013. Interestingly, after writing this draft below, I could never find my way to get back to WordPress and find this website draft   and share it on the web until… today !

And this has happened just after I have felt a huge desire to serve Divine Truth lately, including to attend the Volunteer Induction Program in order to become a volunteer for Divine Truth and/or God’s Way of Love , and this month I have decided to volunteer full time for Divine Truth and see what’s going on.

My old Mac I am referring to below is still broken, and I have just finally manifested a beautiful 15′ Mac Power Book, being graciously gifted to me by my ex partner Sandra, 3 months ago. This has happened just a few days after I expressed really sincere desire for it to be able to share more of Divine Truth. And it is exactly what I asked for. Amazing.

However, it is not booting anymore now, after overheating a couple of times when attempting to create Video clips for Divine Truth, and needs repair as well. Hum…, God is showing me something about my soul here, and I am rather self creating computers issues or attracting spirit attacks related to my desire to share about Divine Truth, especially videos and clips of Jesus and Mary’s Teaching for YouTube, that I create and edit on Mac only. Fortunately, my mini rescue PC computer (oh my…, it has been so helpful and operational) has been working fine and I have not been refrained from sharing Divine Truth on the web, and translating Divine Truth documents into French, but editing video is very confined with it because it has not enough memory.

I forgot to mention that a couple of day after I started to dream about the Divine Truth Van (read below the story), I got offered a Van to buy from friends that I could use to travel around sharing Divine Truth.

Now, the “van” has not become a real thing, it has become the symbol of my soul wandering on God’s Way – and most of the time still on my own way to be honest – attempting to learn and discover and share some of God’s infinite Truth about the universe and everything in it.