I had a dream

Anybody who knows me a bit is aware that I am passionate about sharing Divine Truth as it is taught by AJ Miller and Mary who claim to be Jesus and Mary Magdalene from the Bible. I am not sure about many of my soul desires and doubt and fears and addictions have prevented me many times from acting but this one is at least one I am certain of and I have been acting about it.

I have visited Australia for a year in 2011-2012 with a primary desire to learn more about love in action. I’ve then spent a year abroad sharing a bit of Divine Truth materials in New Zealand and in New Caledonia without authorization to come back. I realized later that I was angry and demanding to be accepted here as a resident. I got 3 visa refusal notifications over a period of 6 months. After feeling and releasing my unloving demand towards the Australian immigration department , I got directly approved and was delivered a new tourist visa. So I decided to come back for 3 months during spring 2013.

As you might know or not, I had a strong desire to take responsibility for my life and to build my own house and I have built a $50000 shelter next to Sandra’s dome on some friend’s land in Wilkesdale. I spent my last savings into it without even knowing if I could enjoy living here. That sounds crazy, illogical and irresponsible to many people and it is maybe but I felt to do it and I did it. When I met Sandra who I believe is my soulmate but don’t want as my soulmate most of the time, I had the same project as her to buy a geodesic dome and we decided then to create together in the bush a kind of soulmate living structure with a large deck living area in the center, a geodesic dome on one side and a round roof structure with an integrated shipping container and a room on the other side.

Surprisingly, these days as I am about to leave the country again, I have felt an increasing desire to travel and visit more of Australia. I’ve actually just visited a bit of Queensland and very little of New South Wales. I love particularly this country for some reasons among which a feeling a spaciousness, the openness in people and a sense that here all dreams and new ideas can become reality much easier than in the old Europe (Belgium) from where I come from. Now, I am running out of time and especially money and this desire feels impossible.

A couple of days ago I surprisingly woke up with an incredible excitement and desire about an emerging idea: get a van transformed into a Divine Love vehicle and doing a tour of Australia aiming at visiting places and meeting people while  for sharing Divine Truth information all around the country.

Very quickly, my mind and fear popped up and I started to consider this idea as unrealistic, scary and close to impossible to realize and turned it down putting it in the big basked of all my dreams that have never come through.

I remember my partner not long time ago Sandra telling me: “why not to create something miraculous, to change something in your soul so you could stay and live and travel in Australia as long as you wish”.  Well, this is possible. But obviously I don’t believe it right now.

The next morning, this idea came back with the same excitement and I felt to draw a potential Divine Truth Van that I would desire to manifest for the project to become more tangible and real.


Then, the next day, I felt to draw the Divine Truth Van with a little stand next to it showing how we would be standing giving leaflets and DVD’s for free to people attracted through their soul’s desire by our intriguing vehicle .


Then, the next day, I felt about creating a blog about sharing the story of the Divine Truth Van. Well, the first steps of the projects.

I have today no money nor to buy the van, to prepare it and to pay travel and food. I going back in New Caledonia in 10 days and I desire very much to make it real at my next coming maybe somewhere in 2014.

It seems closed to impossible but I would like to experiment more about how the law of desire operates at a soul level and how apparently unrealistic desires can be realized.

I have many other priorities at this moment and the top of the list after my relationship with God is to take financial  responsibility for my own life, to manifest a job that I love and a place where I would love to live and feel well to connect with God. But I want also to keep working with this Divine Truth Van project and go on with this desire.

On the top of that, my Mac has just broken down, so I need to manifest a new laptop to prepare this adventure and update this blog.